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Tuscany at your doorstop – Florence right in the center of Vienna: The pure Italian feeling at Fratelli!

The fully air-conditioned Fratelli sprays the charm of Tuscany and invites you to stay with specialties typical for this region as well as exquisite wines. Fresco paintings, golden chairs and the detailed original Tuscany furniture pay homage to a small villa in the midst of the popular Italian areas all around Siena, Florence, and Arezzo among others.
During the summer months our air-conditioned guest garden offers coziness under free sky, even on chiller days space heaters provide for outside comfort.
Exclusively Italian and in particular specialties from Tuscany are served, homemade and of course are all dishes freshly prepared. Whether handmade pasta, fish specialties, risotto variations or pizza fresh out of the wooden stove – the extensive menu provides an Italian delicacy for every taste.
However, not only the pasta and the fish lets the heart of every gourmet beat faster, but also the many choices of meat. The finest steak variations, tender calf medallions, as well as lamb and chicken are prepared in different variations and with guaranteed satisfaction at Fratelli.
Delicate Antipasti, salads and different bread specialties – many also homemade – for starters, as well as matured cheese and Dolci from in-house creation for dessert will complete the culinary excursion.
The best combinations for the dishes prepared with so much love are of course the selected wines from Tuscany’s best wine areas. Besides the classical Chianti, the wine-list offers a variation of excellent white and red wines.
The Fratelli counts as a restaurant for good vibes at anytime of the day. Here you will be spoilt, whether after a strenuous day of work with a glass of prosecco, at lunch or at a romantic candle light dinner.